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What started as a calendar listing, lives on as a legacy.

It all started in May 2018 when two best buddies, Rosco & Shorty, dreamed of becoming the best golf team in the western suburbs of St. Louis. They won a prestigious tournament that year, celebrated with Bud Selects & RBVs, and started preparing (to their wives’ chagrin) to repeat in 2019.

A month before the buds were to defend their title, Rosco passed away suddenly at the age of 41. The world was robbed of a bright light & an amazing friend. A week later, as Shorty & Mrs. Rosco were reminiscing in Rosco’s office, they came across his desk calendar. The weekend of the golf tournament was marked off in Rosco’s handwriting with two words… “Total Domination” – written just as you see it now in our logo. It was on that day that Total Domination was born.

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