Story Behind
Total Domination

The Story behind Total Domination started as a calendar listing, but lives on as a legacy. It all started in May 2018 when two best buddies, Rosco & Shorty, dreamed of becoming the best golf team in the western suburbs of St. Louis. They won a prestigious tournament that year, celebrated with Bud Selects & RBVs, and started preparing (to their wives’ chagrin) to repeat in 2019. 

Total Domination was created in memory of Roscoe and his passion for life.

A month before the buds were to defend their title, Rosco passed away suddenly at the age of 41.  The world was robbed of a bright light & an amazing friend. A week later, as Shorty & Mrs. Rosco were reminiscing in Rosco’s office, they came across his desk calendar. The weekend of the golf tournament was marked off in Rosco’s handwriting with two words….”Total Domination” – written just as you see it now in our logo. It was on that day that Total Domination was born.

In the days & months after Rosco’s death, as stories were shared & memories passed around like fine wine, we came to realize Total Domination didn’t just refer to winning a golf match (or baseball, football, or pickup basketball game). 

Total Domination was a lifestyle, a feeling in your heart, a mindset. 

Whether it be on the course or the field, in his home, at the office, or in his relationships with friends, family, and business partners, Rosco gave 100% in everything he did. He was all in, all the time. Rosco worked hard, played harder, and helped others in need generously. He didn’t consider you just a friend, you were his BEST friend. If you needed $100, he gave you $500. If he didn’t win a game, he didn’t lose either…he learned. If office hours started at 8:00 am, he was there by 7:30 (although he might have ducked out for a beer at 4:00). If he made Mrs. Rosco mad, he was sure to make her REALLY mad…but he also loved her & his kids just as fiercely. Rosco lived every day to the fullest.

We invite you to join us in living life with Total Domination… on the course, at work, and at home. 

As Maroon 5 says, “Now my heart feels like an ember, and it’s lighting up the dark. I’ll carry these torches for you that you know I’ll never drop.” We will carry Rosco’s love of life in our hearts & live with Total Domination.